Happily Ever After


Hi, I’m Natalie, creator of Bubbles and Glitter!

Our story is pretty much like any other. Boy meets girl, girl tries to stab boy with pencil, boy falls head over heels for girl, moves 200 miles from his family so they can date, and they live happily ever after….Wait, WHAT??

Yes, that is the beginning to our happily ever after. Hubby and I met while working at a movie theater, in my hometown while I was on winter break from college. He put his hand through the box office window to grab a pencil, and I tried to stab him with said pencil. That’s just the crazy that I’m all about… I would like to think that over the years I have toned it down a little bit, but he is probably a better judge of that than I am!


Wedding Photo B/W


So we started dating, he moved to Orlando so we could date, and the rest is history. We tied the knot 7 years later, and almost 2 years after that, we welcomed our precious baby boy.


Newborn Photo


Being a mom has to be the best feeling in the world! I could never have imagined how much this little boy would change my life, or my outlook on life.




I started this blog as a creative outlet while I was working full-time in finance. Then the company was acquired and my life got turned upside down! After much prayer and debating, I made the difficult decision to go back to school to finish my degree, and attempt to survive on one income.


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