Gamma’s Green Bean Casserole

  Ever since I was little, my favorite dish at Thanksgiving has been green bean casserole. As I grew up, I began to realize that the reason this was my favorite dish was because of the way it was prepared. With Gamma’s love, and a lot of CHEESE! The first time I noticed the recipe for this casserole on the side of a can of green beans, and it did not include cheese at all, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had no idea that most…Continue Reading “Gamma’s Green Bean Casserole”

Thanksgiving Footprint Turkey Puppet

Remember the other day, when I told you about my non-messy child? Well, I wanted to do another no-mess Thanksgiving art project with him, so I decided on making a footprint turkey puppet. Baby feet are just so cute, and I want to capture his little feet in as many different ways as I possibly can while he’s still little.   I had originally planned on tracing his foot and cutting it out, but I wanted to be able to see his toes, so I decided…Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Footprint Turkey Puppet”

Gobble, Gobble, Thanksgiving Art

Being a former preschool teacher means I have an endless supply of art activities just stored away in my brain, each related to a specific theme. Thanksgiving art projects are one of my favorites, because you can do so much with handprints and footprints. And who doesn’t love adorable little tiny handprints and footprints??   Little G was sick recently, with yet another ear infection, so while he was home with me, I decided to fill the day with some art projects to keep him busy….Continue Reading “Gobble, Gobble, Thanksgiving Art”