Confessions and Commitments

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So I have some confessions to make, and then some new commitments to make too! I haven’t done a great job of posting, obviously, and I’ve done an even worse job with my fitness and nutrition over the past week. Honestly it was just one excuse after the other, which came to a head yesterday when little man had to stay home from school because he had a sinus infection, and I (not my husband, but ME) suggested we go to this pizza buffet for lunch. And then I didn’t exercise at all yesterday either. So, enough with the excuses, I am ready to get back on board, like for real this time! Why is this time going to be different? Because I am going to be posting my meals and sweaty selfies on social media EVERY DAY, like I did when I was on my first round of 21 Day Fix, when I lost 9 lbs in just 3 weeks. It is time to get back in the game. How do I expect to help other people change their health if I’m not willing to do the same with mine, and share about it? It is unrealistic to think that anyone would come to me for help and advice when I am talking the talk, but not walking the walk. I’ve been so busy feeling guilty, beating myself up, making excuse, etc, but I haven’t been living out loud and sharing the journey, not really.

Confessions & Commitments | Bubbles and Glitter

So I am going to forgive myself for the poor choices I’ve made, (really really hard for me!!), and commit to making better choices for the next 30 days. So please, if you see me making poor choices, CALL ME OUT! Yes, it might hurt, but sometimes the truth hurts! And I promise that I will be appreciative, even if embarrassed.


So what are some of your goals that you need to recommit to making a priority? How have you made “this time” different than the last? I’d love to hear your advice for sticking with a plan, so please be sure to share in the comments! Thanks for stopping by!


XOXO, Natalie

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