Let’s try something different: The 80/20 Rule

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The 80/20 Rule | Bubbles and Glitter

As you know, I’ve been working hard on my health, nutrition and fitness over the past almost year. I started in April, and was 100% on track for my first round of 21 Day Fix. After a few months of doing really well though, I started slacking a little. Since then, I have struggled to stay on track. While I’ve kept off almost the entire 22 lbs that I originally lost, I’ve found it hard to keep a balance.


Then I read a blog post by Melanie Mitro, top Beachbody coach of 2015. She swears by the 80/20 rule, and says it is her “secret sauce”. Basically, you eat clean and healthy 80% of the time, and can indulge 20% of the time. It won’t work for everyone, but it works for a lot of people. This can keep you from actually doing more damage by trying to be perfect all the time, and then feeling deprived, which can lead to binge eating. It also makes you more conscious about your indulgences, because you only get a small amount each day, week, month, so it pays to really think about it before you indulge.

The 80/20 Rule | Bubbles and Glitter

Things I am going to do to help make this work:

  1. Make a plan! Planning always works out so much better for me, because I don’t have to think and make decisions when I’m hungry (which is when I am much more likely to grab the first thing available, or that looks the yummiest). My favorite way to plan is by using an Excel spreadsheet to plan out my entire week of meals & workouts. Then, when I am hungry, I just look at my spreadsheet and know what to grab. This helps with grocery shopping too, because I make my list based on what meals I have planned for the week, and then I can minimize impulse buying at the grocery store.
  2. Track what I ACTUALLY eat. I’ll be doing this in my Excel spreadsheet, by changing the font color from black to blue as I eat my planned meals, and I will have an extra section at the bottom for cheats. Then at the end of the week, I can really see how well I did, and plan better for the following week.
  3. Always workout on a day where I have a “cheat”. This way I can be sure to counteract the cheat with some exercise.
  4. Remind myself that it is OK to have these cheat meals. Life is all about balance, and that includes what you eat and drink too!
  5. Have accountability partners to keep me honest and make sure I am staying on track. The way I do this is by co-hosting a free monthly Facebook group with my dear friend and coach, Mandy Leimer Triplett. These are closed groups, so others on Facebook cannot see what we are posting about, so as to maintain our privacy. Each month we have a different theme, though beginning this month the group will stay the same in order to maintain a higher level of consistency in the group. We post about our struggles and successes, food choices and workouts, and healthy recipes we’ve tried. If you would like to be a part of our group, you can contact me by clicking here and sending me a message on Facebook. We are always looking for other uplifting people to join our team!

The 80/20 Rule | Bubbles and Glitter

Thank you for visiting my page! I’d love to know what tips you have for staying on track, so don’t forget to leave them in a comment below! xoxo

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